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                                                   Antigravity Related Patents

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                                                   Patents At the Canadian Patent Office
Canadian patent office patent search page:

Antigravitional Force Generator
R. L. Mills, 2053881 .

Gravitional Wave Generator
R. M. L. Baker Junior, Frederick W. Noble; 2391486.                                                                                                                             

Centrifugal Accelerator Reverse Gravity Transporter and InertiaReactive Acceleration Propulsor;
F. O. W. Arntz; 2127165.                                                                                                

Motive Device Emloying Directed Centrifugal Force ;
M. R. McCrea; 2,224,784.

Electromagnetic Energy Propulsion Engine ;
J. R. Taylor; 0,436,405.

                                            Patents At the Irish Patent Office
Irish patent office at: .

Reaction-Less Mover
claim: space propulsion device;
Igor G. Pilipenko, V. V. Sergeev; 2,413,046.

Two-Stage Antigravity Device Capabale Of Realizing Velocity Up To Light Velocity;
K. Kaoru; JP2000345953.

Antigravity Engine;
Masafumi Kuribayashi; JP60156981.

Antigravity Generator .                                                                    
(Not available yet); Go Ki;   JP2000110706.

Quantum Generator and Related Devices of Energy Extraction and Conversion ;
De Abreu P.; EP1602161.

Self-generator For Transforming Tiny Kinetic Energy Into Electric Energy;
claim: tiny oscillations produces much electricity;
J. Bo-Young; WO2005106244.  

Power Generator Set With Low-loss annd Large Electrical Energy Output;
claim: generator drives motor, motor
drives second generator for power amplification;
Y. Lichun; CN1585243 .

Magnetic Energy Electric Generator
(Not available yet); T. Zongli; CN2694609Y.

Self-excited Magnetic Energy Generator, Power Machine;
S. Tianfa; CN1560986.

Generator Utilizing Magnetic Field Energy ;                                                      
Wu Min, Wu Zhihong, Wu Bingsheng;
An Energy Generator;
claim: extra energy by battery recharge;
Townsend T. George; GB2407716.

Automatic Power Generator Without Energy Source;                          
Chen Weiguo; CN1614860.

Electrical energy amplification system based on using
inertial and/or centrifugal energy;
Scherf Bernhard; DE10350450.

Electro-magnetic-mechanical energy amplifier for motor-generator;   
Mettoudi I. Jacques; FR287795.

Modular Energy Self-service Electric Generator,                                           
claim: draws only half the electrical current;
Jia Shan;

Low Consumption Energy/High Output Generator Using 
Ring Type Core and Coil;
Shiraishi Yasutaka; JP200503374. 

Non-electromagnet-force Energy-saving Generator;
Dang Chengke; CN1455499.

Magnetically propelled motor/generator for production of energy;
Djemai Amar;  FR2839218.

Transformer Generator of Magnetic Resonance Into Electric Energy,
(Not available yet), Donald Lee Smith, MXNL02000035.

Energy Supply For vehicle Has Generator, Battery and a AC                  
To DC Converter For Optimal battery Charging ;
Graf Hans-Michael; DE10247523.

Antigravity and Space Propulsion Patents At United staes patent Office

United States Patent Office at:

Antigravity Utron flying saucer.                       
Patent says Utron is an amusement device; other papers (from Rex Research) say it is
an antigravity device; O. T.Carr; 2,912244.

Magnetic Propulsion Device
D. Baker; 4,074,153.

Permanent Magnet Propulsion System;
E. T. Hartman; 4,215,330.
Magnetic Conveyer;
F. E. Parke; 3,262,769.

Permanent Magnet Motor Having Flux Density Characteristics That Are Internally Variable;
R. W. Horber; 6,844,647.

Propelling Device;
Coanda air movement effect;
H. Coanda; 2,108,652, 2,157,281.
Airplane Wing With Boundary Layer Control Device For the Simultaneous Control    
of Lifting  and Directional Elements,                                                                             
Lifting Apparatus;
H. Coanda;
2,939,650, 2,939,654, 3,261,162.                                                                  
Electrokinetic Transducer,
Electrokinetic Device; T. T. Brown; 3,018,394, 2,949,550, 3,187,206.                                                          
Electrokinetic Generator ; 3,022,430.              

Method and Apparaturs For Producing Ions and                                            
Electrically-charged Aerosols; 3,296,49.                                                                                               
Fluid Flow Control System  ;3,518,462.                 
Electric Aerospace Propulsion System;
V. Gradecak; 3,177,654.                                                                                                               

Electrical Thrust Producing Device;
ion propulsion; A. H. Bahnson; 3,227,901.
Apparautus For Promotion and Control of Vehicular Flight ;
ionized atmospheric air and ground propulsion rocket;
H.C. Dudley; 3,095,167.                                                                   
Ion Accelerator and Method For Increasing Its Efficiency;
E. A. Ab; 4,325,005.
All-Electric Motional Electric Field Generator;
motional electric field from direct current;
W. J. Hooper;. 3,610,971, 3,656,013.  

Electrostatic Levitation Control System ;
J. Boltinghouse; 3,482,455.
Device For Obtaining Directional Force From Rotary Motion;
A. C. Nowlin; 2,350,248.
System For Converting Rotary Motion Into
Unidirectional Motion;
claim: space proplusion device;
N. L. Dean; 2,886,976.
Variable Oscillator System;
Propulsion System  
Uses change in postion of centre of gravity;
R. L. Cook; 3,683,707.

Gyroscopic Inertial Space Drive;
H. D. Kellogg; 3,203,644.

Inertial Propulsion Device;
A. W. Farrall; 3,266,233.

Device For Transforming Kinetic Energy;
rotary motion into impulse;
F. Estrade; 3,807,244.

Space Propulsion System;
J. F. Engelberger; 3,504,868.

Prime Mover;
claim: directional force from roating on oscillating masses;
A. J. Auweele; 3,492,881.

Method Of and Apparatus For Effecting Electro-Mechanical Energy  
Interchange An A Space VehiclePropulsion;
conductive element reacts against earth's magnetic field;
S. D. Drell; 3,495,791.

Propulsion Apparatus;
varies radius of gyrations of metal weights for unbalanced centrifugal force;
L. B. Matyas; 3,584,515.

Vibration Driven Vehicle;
E. M. Halvorson; 3,530,617.
Directional Force Generator ;
H. W. Young; 3,555,915.

Apparatus For Imparting Motion To A Body;
A. DiBella; 3,404,854.

Propulsion System;
magnetohydrodynamic water propulsion ; W. A. Rice; 3,106,058.

Reaction Motor;
T. Neff; 2,088,115.

Propulsion Mechanism;
S. Quisling; 1,743,978.

Centrifugal Variable Thrust Mechanism;
I. B. Laskowitz; 2,009,780.

Linear Induction  Motor With Electromagnetic Levitation;
J. F. Eastman; 3,836,799, 4,013,906.        

Magnetic Apparatus For Producing Movement;
J. M. Putt; 4,249,115, 4,121,139.     

Pneumatic Propulsion System;
P. D. Greenspan; 4,251,992.      

flying saucer using large propellers for superior lift;
C. D. Lennon; 3,312,425.
Magnetohydrodynamic Propulsion Apparatus ;
J. F. King; 3,322,374.            

Magnetohydrodynamic Machine;
L. S. Dzung; 3,428,835.                 

Electric Current Generators of the Magnetohydrodynamic Type;
G. Klein; 3,428,836.                        
Method and Apparatus For Generating A Secondary Gravitation Field;
H. W. Wallace; 3,626605.                                                                                             
Method and Apparatus For Generating A Dynamic Force Field;
H. W. Wallace; 3,626,606. 
Method And Apparatus For Generating A Secondary Gravitational Force Field;
H. Wallace; 3,626,605.
Electromagnetic Propulsion Device For Use In the Forward Part of A Moving Body;
A. DeBroqueville; 3,662,554.                                                                           . 

Low Drag Magnetic Suspension System;
C. A. Guderjahn; 3,717,103.

Semiconductor Compositions;
a resonance electric power pack;
M. Ognyanov; 3,766,094.

Power Generating System;
flying saucer propellor (air pump);
S. L. Schoeneck; 6,672,539.

Electrodynamic  Fleld Generator ;  
flying electric disk, and generator; Mark R. Tomion; 6,404,089.

Motive Power Generating Device ;
claim: no force opposing movement of a rotor is generated;
Teruo Kawai; 5,436,518.

Electromagnetic Ground To Orbit Propulsion Method and 
Operating System For High Mass Payloads;
M. A. Minovitch; 04,939,976.

Electric Dipole Moment Propulsion System;
J. Q. 
St. Clair;

Universal Propulsion Powerplant and Impulse Drive Unit Fo
Self- propelled Vehicles;
J. D. Mundo; 04,770,063.

Atomic Structure Recognition and Modification Method and Apparatus;
H. Letovsky; 20030226401.

Quasi-corona-aerodynamic Vehicle;
E. C. Okress; 3,464,207.  

Electrostatic Propulsion Means;
W. J. Coleman; 3,071,705.

Ion propulsion motor;
A.P. Deseversky; 3,130,945. 

Direct Push Propulsion Unit;  
Reactionless drive using recoil;
J. D. Liamozas; 2,636,340.   

Flying Apparatus;
G. E. Hagen; 3,120,363.

Ionized Boundary Layer Fluid Pumping System;                     
Ion propulsion; G.A. Hill; 3,095,163.    
Flying Saucer;
O. F. Pinto; 3,774,865.

System For Converting Rotary Motion Into Unidirectional Motion;
N. L. Dean; 2,886,976.

flying saucer;
C.B. Lennon; 3,312,425.

Space Propulsion System; capsule;
J. F. Engelberger; 3,504,868.

Electromagnetic Propulsion Device For Use In The Forward Part of A Moving Body;

Electrostatic Propulsion Means;; 3,071,705.

Method Of and Apparatus For Effecting Electro-mechanical Energy Interchange In A Space Vehicle;
S.D. Dewalt; 3,495,791.

Apparatus For The Promotion And Control For Vehicular Flight;

Ionized Boundary Layer Fluid Pumpong System;
G. A. Hill;

Quasi-Corona-Aerodynamic Vehicle;
by: E. C. O.; 3,464,207.

Magnetohydrodynamic Propulsion Apparatus;
A. F. K. Junior;

Flying Apparatus;
ion wind propulsion;
by: C. B.;

ion wind propulsion;
A. F. de Seversky;

Fluid Flow Control System;
T. T. Brown; 3,518,462.

Gyroscopic Inertial System Drive;
H. D. Kellogg Junior; 3,203,644.

Centrifugal Propulsion Drive And Steering System;
A. N. Larhburger;

Vibration Driven Device;
E. M. Halvorson;

Propulsion apparatus by using varying radius of gyration;
by: L. M.;

Direct Push Propulsion Unit;
J. D. M. Llammas;

Converting Rotary Motion Into Unidirectional Motion;

Device For Transforming Kinetic Energy;
F. Estrade;

Apparatus For Imparting Motion To A Body;
A. di Bella;

Inertia Propulsion Device;
A. W. Farrall;

Centrifugal Variable Thrust System;
L. Laskowitz;

Prime Mover;
A. J. Vanden Auweele;
3,492,681 (3,492,881).

Traction Motor;

Directional Force Generator;
B. W. Young;